Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moving, Kaffe Fassette and Kindle Cozies

So much has happened since we left our lake side home in PA. The Bear turned two, Bean learned how to write her name and has settled into an amazing preschool that is addressing many of her Asbergers and sensory related issues, we've sold the house by the lake and bought one here in suburbia.

And, the icing on the preverbial cake, we're moving into our new California-style stucco home on Wednesday!

As to projects, I haven't been up to much as our two months (at most) in temporary housing turned into 8 months and all my sewing/knitting gear is sitting in a storage unit in Hayward. But this time next week we'll be reunited!

I did splurge recently on some gorgeous Kaffe Fassette fabric to line the knit Kindle cozies I'm in the process of making. One of the (numerous) things I love about his fabric is the myrad variety of  colors it contains. As a result, I've made three cozies (my first one appropriated by the Bean for her flashlight), one for my friend M. and finally one for myself - all of which I'm lining with the fabric.

Yay for low-tech pouches for high-tech devices!

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