Sunday, July 1, 2012

Three Pie Weekend

A friend of mine in New Jersey posted pictures of an amazing looking cherry pie that she had made last weekend. Ever since, it was all I could think about. Saturday morning, I got up and got cooking. My first cherry pie turned out pretty awesome. I used a recipe I found on Epicurious... what made it special was the vanilla extract mixed in with the cherries. Yum! We'll definitely make it again.

Sunday morning, our awesome neighbors knocked on the door and handed me a 6 pound bag of plums from their tree. What else could I do but make more pies? I doubled the recipe and brought one to our next door neighbors as a thank you for the half cord of wood they gave us last weekend.

Our neighborhood might not be the wildest, have the best parties, or have tons of kids running around, but people on our court sure know how to help each other and show small kindnesses that really make it feel like home.