Thursday, July 21, 2011

Long Day, Pink Tomatoes and the Kindle Cozy

Why is it that the first official day of summer for the Bean had to start prior to 6:00 am? Most Thursdays I am force to cajoling, bribing and finally dragging her out of bed for school and today she bound into my room just as Daddy closed the front door to go to work at 5:45. Sigh, I guess that's the joy of  children, right?

At least our day started nicely with pink heirloom tomatoes from the garden with breakfast!

For a day that I thought we had nothing planned, it ended up exhausting, partly because I had forgotten about her intake interview at the regional center. Oh, and swim lessons! Our journey to the regional center started especially early as we had to stop by the pediatrician's office to pick up a letter stating that the Bean was in need of speech therapy - which the DR had forgotten to do. Luck was with us as her regular Dr was in the office and took the time to have a 10 minute conversation with me while having one of the women at the desk write up the letter. I love the kids' Dr - seriously!

Back on the road, we made it to the regional center's office right on schedule and proceeded to wait for 20 minutes... during which time good behavior descended to poor. The second we set foot in the interview room, the poor behavior went further south to absolutely abysmal. But if anything is going to help us get services, it's a really bad day, right? So now we're back waiting for the next step. It has taken us since December to get the initial interview and it's now an additional 120 days before they have to complete the evaluation. Here's to help for the Bean in 2012 - at least we hope!

Oh, and because of poor behavior, the interview took forever and we missed swim lessons.

To finish up the Kaffe Fassette Kindle Cozy - here are some pix of M's finished cozy - which her oldest (and the Bean's BFF) has claimed as her own! You can make your own using the free Ravelry pattern courtesy of designer Amanda Pacheco!

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