Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day

I realized this morning, trying to fall back asleep, that I suck as a blogger. I'm promising myself that I'll do better. ...wishful thinking, but I'll try.

I dreamed last night that my hubby was knitting the most amazing hat for me. It had the most intricate pattern with cables and patterns that climbed the sides of the hat in the most amazing swirly pattern. He got bored with the knitting and handed me the almost finished hat and asked me to do the reducing and weave in the ends. It was at that point that I realized he had used the yarn that I've been knitting my sweater with... which didn't bother me in the least.

That brings me to my sweater. My gorgeous sweater (the picture is of what I hope my sweater will look like, not as it actually stands now, sigh) that I've already half finished and had to rip out because the sizing runs small. Now, the instructions say that the sweater is fitted. I'm good with fitted. But this wasn't fitted. Oh no, the pattern runs small - so small it's the "let's show every imperfection small." Great. I ripped out all 17 inches and started over. Fun times. I'm now back to where I was when I ripped out and am hesitant to try on the sweater. If it doesn't fit this time, I may give up. Then, what to do with all the gorgeous yarn? I can probably find something...

I am desperately trying not to put down the sweater to knit the Bear a cowl. The poor kid's new coat doesn't fit him quite right at the neck and it is, more often than not, exposed to the cold. I have the perfect yarn for the cowl and am envisioning it in a nice seed stitch... humm... it might be the perfect snow day project...

As to projects, I have one other. I've been counting birds for the Cornell Ornithology Lab. Fun stuff! I saw my first brown creeper the other day and have a red-bellied woodpecker at my suet feeder now.

And finally, it's a snow-day. Hubby is working from home and he and the kids are still in bed at 7:30. I'm sitting here with a nice cup of coffee, a fire in the fire place enjoying the peace and quiet...

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