Saturday, May 22, 2010

Been Ages

So, I'll admit that I'm not too great at this whole blogging thing. I decided to give it a shot, originally, to motivate me to finish stuff. It has sort of worked. But with the arrival of spring, my knitting needles are gathering dust and I've just pulled out my sewing machine and have become obsessed with making the Bean dresses out of t-shirts and other pre-existing items in our closets and drawers. My first attempt was pretty dang successful - and I've got a shapeless pink shirt ironed and just waiting to be re-purposed... I'll post picts soon... that is, once my house gets tidy and prepared for an onslaught of visitors over the next week. And I start making headway into re-organizing closets and the attic in preparation for our move. How we're going to pull that one off is beyond me!

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